I fall in love with almost everyone I meet, I think its a result of a genuine infatuation with people. I am obsessed with people’s quirks and mannerisms.

The way their eyes light up when speaking about something they love. Their choice of words when they’re describing something you’re not sure about. Their body language when they aren’t sure of themselves. I could watch people for hours, especially the ones I love.

What confuses so many of us is the concept that platonic love can be just as overwhelming as romantic love. That a platonic friend can be just as important, as satisfying and as rewarding as a lover.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not blatantly disregarding romance. I adore affection and being intertwined with another persons existence, the idea of effecting someone with just as much impact as they have effected you.

There are men in my life that I am intrigued by so much more than attracted to. It often gets me into some pressing matters with the opposite sex- as if the idea that two people cannot spend a lot of time together without the intention to stick their tongue down each others’ throat is an unimaginable notion.

Love is so many things, of course it can be physical and engulfing; and everyone deserves the satisfaction they seek. I just feel as though we’re so focused on achieving a mere label, a fancy date or the opportunity to upload a photo (that screams validate my relationship much more than I am obsessed with this soul) on Instagram.

Its okay to be on your own sometimes. Its just fine to put your phone down and go for a walk and look at trees or people watch. Its okay to watch movies with your best friends and go to sleep at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night; to go for a drive with the boy that loves the same bands as you and do nothing but talk.

Sometimes the best kind of love isn’t one person kissing away the problems – but a combination of all the people that distract you from those problems every single day.

So yes, finding someone to smother with romance may be high on the list of things to do and that’s fine. Just don’t undersell the gratification that comes with sitting with your best friend drinking tea and listening to country music. Know that you can put on a skin tight dress and dance all night with your girlfriends without having to go home with someone. As magical as the guy is that sighs his words and touches your soul with his eyes, the guys you’ve been best friends with since preschool are still around and they miss you.

Remember that your family is forever growing, changing and ageing and that you cant get this time of their lives back. So stay home and play a video game with your little brother, take your mum to dinner, ask her how she is. Remember the love that took care of your heart long before you gave it to a boy.

One Reply to “Platonic”

  1. This is a concept I have trouble with at times too. Lucky for me I have some adorable friends to delve deeply into the issues of life or just share laughter with. They keep me sane.


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