I’ve re-posted my black square, now what?

Here’s a list of funds to donate to and petitions to sign, because preformative activism is not enough. Please note that this is a starting point. There are hundreds of organisations/courses you can support. I encourage you to do your own research.


• NSW/ACT Aboriginal Legal Service https://www.alsnswact.org.au/

• Justice for David Dungay Jnr: https://bit.ly/justicefordavid

• Justice for Kumanjayi Walker: https://bit.ly/justiceforyuendumu

• Justice for Tanya Day: https://bit.ly/justicefortanyaday

• Justice for Joyce Clarke: https://bit.ly/justiceforjoyceclarke

• Aboriginal Literacy foundation http://www.aboriginalliteracyfoundation.org/

• Black Rainbow http://www.blackrainbow.org.au/


• Fire Sticks Alliance https://www.firesticks.org.au/

• Just reinvest http://www.justreinvest.org.au/

• Seed Mob https://www.seedmob.org.au/

• Men’s outreach services corporation https://mensoutreach.org.au/

• Sisters Inside https://sistersinside.com.au/


• George Floyd http://chng.it/7Y9474HgS6

• Breonna Taylor http://chng.it/MxdcTWNyxQ

• Ahmaud Arbery http://chng.it/qrZXyYx6GT

• Keep grog out of our communities http://chng.it/k9YZ2VxwgR

• Prison reform https://www.alsnswact.org.au/free_our_people?fbclid=IwAR211A0IoAoGlYGnQVzKScTkKT1BJMToWnejvEJyyAcmPRNkCGSyz-x9i10

• Clothing the gap http://www.change.org/pridenotprofit

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