HS Interview: Sera Naiqama

Hey Sera! Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Sera and I am 24 years old. I am an Australian-born Fijian and have spent majority of my life in Sydney. Recently I moved out to the South West region and I’ve slowly grown to love what life offers out here which includes cheap eyebrow waxing (its $5 WTH?), local waterfalls and barely any traffic.

I am a semi-professional rugby player and play for Sydney University, the NSW Waratahs and Australian Wallaroos. While I’m not training or playing, you’ll find me irregularly blogging (@serasituations) re-watching Gossip Girl, hanging with my friends, reading or playing dress ups in my room.

Share a cultural nuance or attribute you have and hold valuable and tell us how you use it in your general life.

Something my family has taught me especially my Ma and Bubu is the gift of generosity. Growing up we often struggled but I never saw either my mother or grandmother refuse to help anyone who asked for help whether it was giving away their last $20 or opening up our home to others.

My Bubu always says “you don’t have to wait to be asked, just do it” and that is something I carry with me everyday.

Last year someone said to me “you’re really generous” and it hit quite differently because I thought that’s how I want to be remembered. Someone who shared what she had.

What do you do for work/study each day?

I work as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness. I love my job because it allows me to create and write but for the same reasons I find it challenging.

I recently completed my Diploma in Marketing. I also have Diplomas in Human Resource Management and Travel & Tourism.

If you weren’t working in this area what would you do?

Have my own talk show.

What does success look like to you?

Success to me is celebrating the wins and that includes the small things like ticking off things on my daily to-do list, picking up my dry cleaning on time or making sure there’s enough money in my account when my loan repayments are due.

I think often we are fixated on the idea that success is only experienced in the big moments however if we really looked closely, we are experiencing success in our everyday lives.

How do you take care of yourself during these unprecedented times?

Regulating my emotions and as often as possible. At the beginning of Coronavirus I was an anxious mess. The first day I had off I drove to Wollongong just to be by the water and in nature. I journaled, cried and sang my lungs out driving back home but all those things allowed me to release the tension in my body.

Then recently the tragic death of George Floyd happened. This rocked me to my core. It was a hard week filled with anger, sadness and a lot of confusion.

I knew the only way I could respond was to first look after myself which included a break off social media, heavy dialogue with loved ones and intentional time with myself. As I’ve gotten older I acknowledge that a burnt out Sera is no good for anything or anyone, not even herself.

What is a valuable lesson learned recently?

Don’t downplay myself.

Quick Fire

Favourite book? Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. That book actually changed my life.

Best way to unwind?
PJ’s, couch, cup of tea and Digestive biscuits.

What is a 10/10 series you’re watching
Queen of the South and I’m re-watching Gossip Girl because I realised I don’t listen very well when watching television. Haha!

Honest coffee order? Large latte with 2 sugars.

Sweet or savoury?

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