About Me

About Hill Sixty

Mother, Writer and Maker


I am a Wiradjuri and Fijian woman, I come from a long line of storytellers, makers who work with their hands and understand the importance of connection.

Hill Sixty the blog came from a restless gap year in 2016. I yearned to express myself and found a small community that enjoyed the exchange since this platform has become my family. I started a business through this community and I continue to express myself through all stages of life and creative seasons.

The name Hill Sixty is a homage to my people, my family were born and raised on the sandhills of Narrandera, a community of First Nations families living on their outskirts of the small river town of a mere 3000. We are the original storytellers as Indigenous people. I am always inspired by those that came before me.

I am a young mum to my beautiful son Archie, a student studying sociology anthropology and a maker.

I own Hill Sixty the small business and write for the HS journal in my spare time. I freelance for a few online platforms as a way of generating income while I am a SAHM.


I am always available for collaborations and open dialogue. If you want to chat about the shop, journal or interviews don’t hesitate in reaching out.